• Free Software Movement Karnataka is a registered not-for-profit organization. Our primary objective is to create and spread awareness of Free Software technologies in different strata of society. We are driven by volunteers, who by day are software engineers, students, academicians, or government officials, and by night are Free Software evangelists.

    We work closely with college students and encourage them to use, and help develop, Free Software. To make this student interaction, we set up college-level units called GNU/Linux User Groups (GLUGs). These GLUGs organise various technical sessions and events.

Available courses

Data Analysis & Visualisation using Python

This course will host content for the FDP program that we conducted @ AMC Engg College titled "

Data Analytics and Visualization using Python based Free and Open Source Software



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Good First Bug

Lets squash some bugs!
An introduction to Git and Git Platforms, with an overarching goal of contributing to public FLOSS projects

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